Active protection for active lives

Sudden cardiac arrest can and does occur to people of all ages, who to all outward signs look fit and healthy.
When someone has a cardiac arrest, their chances of survival decreases by 10% for every minute lost without CPR and defibrillation.

A Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) is a very safe and easy to use electronic device, designed to be used by a layperson. It automatically reads the heart rhythm of someone who may have suffered a cardiac arrest and diagnoses if an electrical shock is required to restore a normal heart rhythm.

The iPAD SP1 is recommended for its ease of use, with clear audible instructions and specific features that are of real benefit in helping to save a life.

The British Heart Foundation and The Football Association selected the iPAD SP1 as the AED unit of choice for promotion in their campaign to install defibrillators at all grassroots football clubs throughout England.

How does iPAD work for you?

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    Adult / Child Mode Switch

    The iPAD SP1 comes with a simple switch on the device for use on an adult or child (1-8 years).  This changes the energy output of the defibrillator according to chosen mode. Dual use Adult / Child electrode pads are provided for quick application, ease of use and cost efficiency.

  • Ambient Noise Detection

    It can be difficult to hear commands from a small device, particularly in noisy sports and leisure environments. The iPAD SP1 comes with a noise detection system that detects the level of surrounding noise up to 90 decibels and automatically adjusts the volume to enable the device instructions be heard.

  • Clear and calm instructions

    The iPAD SP1 has been is ideal for use in sports and leisure environments, where people of all ages gather.  The clear and calm instructions are easy to follow and enable youngsters and adults alike to quickly deploy the defibrillator if somebody suffers a cardiac arrest.

What do people think?

These machines are easy to use and they save lives. Our investment in these devices, which will help us to further protect staff & members alike, is invaluable & a sign of ensuring our members feel as safe as possible whilst they enjoy the benefits of being more active.

Dr Rubin Minhas, Nuffield Health Group Medical & Scientific Director

When the club came to me for some advice and support I was delighted to help. They have a high footfall, which could mean that there is a higher potential for someone to suffer a cardiac arrest. Now the club is fully prepared to help someone fast.

Adele Young, Community Resuscitation Officer NEASd

It’s wonderful to know that anyone will be able to use this machine to give the person in need of its potentially life-saving function (probably a friend) the best possible chance of survival!! (regardless of the outcome). So, having this machine available is fantastic for our club (any club). Simple as that – that’s why we bought it!

And ‘thank you’ to Essex ECLTA for making this equipment affordable/available to clubs by subsidising its purchase. To me, it shows recognition of and support for the wide range of people involved in the game of tennis. Good on yer ECLTA!!!

Douglas Golding, Brentwood Hard Tennis Club