Learn how you could save a life with an iPAD AED

It is crucial to act quickly when faced with someone having a cardiac arrest. It is widely recognised that a shock from an AED should be delivered without delay as part of the chain of survival. The definitive treatment for sudden cardiac arrest is a shock from a defibrillator.

This is a simple yet comprehensive video which shows how to set up, use & check the iPAD SP1 AED. It also outlines some of the additional features & functionality, including data storage & download.

This is not meant as a replacement for hands-on training. Your local Ambulance Service may be able to offer additional support & guidance.

“Time should not be wasted if trained staff are not immediately available .Untrained people have used the devices to save a life and lack of training (or recent refresher training) should not be a barrier. Provided someone is prepared to use an AED” (UK Resuscitation Council & British Heart Foundation, 2013)

Remember, the iPAD SP1 AED:

– Is designed to be simple to use by minimally trained people
– Is very effective at guiding the operator step by step
– Is very safe and easy to use – you can do no harm
– Will not allow a shock to be given to someone who does not require one

Quick Reference Guides

This series of quick reference guides act as a visual support to set up and use the iPAD SP1 AED. They can be downloaded by clicking the images below. Printed A2 posters are available upon request, please CONTACT US for information.


The award winning “Lifesaver” app, developed by the UK Resuscitation Council, is an interactive app which uses live-action film to teach basic life support skills and CPR – important elements to use in conjunction with using an AED. The app uses real time action film to teach someone how to save a life. The app is free – Click the Lifesaver image to the right to download.

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