This lightweight training unit allows people to learn how to use the iPAD SP1 AED in a training environment. It mimics the features & functions of a live unit, but is for training purposes only – it is incapable of delivering a shock. This gives people a realistic experience of a variety of scenarios.

  • Simulation of the features & functions of iPAD SP1 AED

    Provides a realistic experience for those learning how to use the iPAD SP1, enabling them to become familiar with the device.

  • Operated by & supplied with standard batteries

    The training unit & remote control are powered by the standard batteries supplied with it. No specialist replacements required.

  • Eight different training scenarios

    Giving learners confidence in a range of scenarios that they might encounter in an emergency.

  • Supplied with infrared remote control

    This can reproduce all 8 scenarios above as well as situations such as low battery, pads off and volume control.

  • Supplied with a set of iPAD SP1 training pads

    The training pads are especially designed for training purposes.