12-16 young sudden deaths every week

Up to 270 children die in British schools every year from cardiac arrests in the UK every year [10].

1 in 7 children in Secondary education receive training that could potentially save a life[11].

A defibrillator will protect staff, pupils, parents, volunteers, visitors & the wider community if sudden cardiac arrest strikes & also be an important source of education. The iPAD AED can be changed to a child safe mode with a simple switch. This saves precious time & removes additional steps in an emergency.

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Useful guidance:

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  • Youth & Education

    Craig Haydon

    I wouldn’t like to hope anybody would suffer from heart problems, but if this equipment is used to save a child’s life it makes me proud that I have been able to provide it.

  • Youth & Education

    Barrie Irons

    We believe all schools should have defibrillators in place just as they have fire extinguishers. The SADS UK Big Shock Campaign to make defibrillators mandatory in all schools makes sense and will save lives. We’re pleased to support this initiative.

  • Youth & Education

    Cody Hartley

    When I saw one of the videos during my first aid course it was quite scary but I realised how important it is. I’m just determined to get defibrillators every where. I would like to see them in schools and public places and want people to realise just how important they are….

  • Youth & Education

    The Stephen Carey Fund

    With the unit being fitted to a first school with young children we felt that, even though the statistics for sudden cardiac arrest are very low for that age group, should an incident have occurred in the future and the device was not able to be utilised we would have failed in our goal to make communities safer – quite simply we opted for the right solution for this environment.

  • Youth & Education

    Deputy Headteacher, The Good Shepherd School

    We are delighted to have this potentially lifesaving equipment to protect the pupils, the staff and visitors to the school.

  • Youth & Education

    Pauline Latham OBE, MP for Mid-Derbyshire

    I cannot imagine the shock and suffering of parents of children who die suddenly from SADS, but I have known people that have tragically died from the condition. I was pleased to see how enthusiastic the headteachers at the meeting were in getting these devices into their schools, and I am delighted to report that both Allestree Woodlands and Belper School already have them installed. I am confident that raising awareness in this regard will prevent further deaths in Mid Derbyshire, and I will continue to champion this cause in my work both in the constituency and in the Commons.

  • Youth & Education

    Jayne Dear, Deputy Headteacher

    We are all behind this project which will inspire confidence that, in the unlikely event of a cardiac arrest at the school, there are defibrillators and trained operators available to help save lives….

  • Youth & Education

    Ann Jolly, Founder SADS UK

    If CPR is used it gives a person a five per cent chance of survival, but coupled with using the defibrillator it increases the chance of survival to over 50 per cent. This is why SADS UK and our members are so passionate about putting this lifesaving equipment in place.

  • Youth & Education

    Jonathan Digby, College Principal

    We are delighted to support this initiative to help save lives in the Whittlesey area. We pride ourselves on being a community school and this shows how well the partnership with our community really works.