Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any time

There is a predisposition in some individuals to have a cardiac event under very high physical & emotional stress [13]..

27% of all episodes of sudden cardiac death in 12-35 year olds occur during competitive athletics [14].

A sudden cardiac arrest can strike without warning – it does not discriminate gender, age, social status or fitness levels. The sudden cardiac death of a young, seemingly healthy individual is tragic. Early CPR & defibrillation is crucial when someone is fighting for their life after. When speed is of the essence the iPAD delivers: fast, simple, safe treatment.

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What would you do if sudden cardiac arrest strikes?

  • Sport & Leisure

    Adele Young, Community Resuscitation Officer NEAS

    When the club came to me for some advice and support I was delighted to help. They have a high footfall, which could mean that there is a higher potential for someone to suffer a cardiac arrest. Now the club is fully prepared to help someone fast.

  • Sport & Leisure

    Barry Briscoe, Team Captain Worcestershire Over 60’s Cricket

    The need to have defibrillators available at all our matches was tragically realised by us following the collapse of one of our colleagues, who subsequently passed away, during a seniors match last season.

  • Sport & Leisure

    Dr Rubin Minhas, Nuffield Health Group Medical & Scientific Director

    These machines are easy to use and they save lives. Our investment in these devices, which will help us to further protect staff & members alike, is invaluable & a sign of ensuring our members feel as safe as possible whilst they enjoy the benefits of being more active

  • Sport & Leisure

    Head Football Coach

    This is an important piece of equipment for us. We have a huge age range of players playing at any one time, so being able to simply switch to a child safe mode with our iPAD is fantastic. It is robust, small & light which means it fits excellently with our kit.

  • Sport & Leisure

    Douglas Golding, Brentwood Hard Tennis Club

    It’s wonderful to know that anyone will be able to use this machine to give the person in need of its potentially life-saving function (probably a friend) the best possible chance of survival!! (regardless of the outcome). So, having this machine available is fantastic for our club (any club). Simple as that – that’s why we bought it!

    And ‘thank you’ to Essex ECLTA for making this equipment affordable/available to clubs by subsidising its purchase. To me, it shows recognition of and support for the wide range of people involved in the game of tennis. Good on yer ECLTA!!!

  • Sport & Leisure

    Vanessa Wallems, Wickham Bishop’s Tennis Club

    I think it is very important for all club members to realise that the Defib is for everyone to use. A certificate in first aid is not a prerequisite for its use. When I am not playing tennis, I work as a nurse in a GP practice. Some players have said to me that they wouldn’t want to use the Defib as they would be afraid of doing something wrong and causing harm. But that is impossible, this machine is so easy to use. This Defib is fool proof. It will tell you what to do with clear easy to follow step by step instructions. Once the defib is attached via the pads it will not allow a shock to be given, unless it is needed. So in terms that some tennis players may understand, don’t hesitate to use it, “ Just do it”!