Can you access an AED within 5 minutes?

An AED should be available within 5 minutes of medical help being available [7].

For every minute that passes without effective CPR & defibrillation, there is a 10% drop in chances of survival [5].

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone, at anytime, anywhere. AEDs in public places are on the increase & greatly improve the chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest. CPR buys time but a shock from an AED should be delivered without delay. The versatility & simplicity of iPAD defibrillators means they are perfectly suited for public access sites.



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  • Public Access & Community

    Geoff Fagance, Council Chairman

    This installation will make life safer for residents and visitors to our lovely village, although I am sure we all hope it will be seriously underused in the next few years.

  • Public Access & Community

    Sophie Durrant-Pratt

    I’m really happy that mum’s wishes have come true. She always wanted to get defibs in the community and I think mum would have been very proud. I wish she was here to see it.

  • Public Access & Community

    George Upson, Hall Spokesman

    We would like to thank everyone who supported the fund-raising, from within and outside the village. Thanks also to East Midlands Ambulance staff for supporting the application and assisting with grant applications, the British Heart Foundation and Community Heartbeat Trust for their help in sourcing all the equipment and Mayfield Community First Responders, who will be providing the training

  • Public Access & Community

    Keith Harvey, Welfare Chairman Lions Club of Wisnlow

    We chose the iPAD SP1 for our local town Public Access Defibrillator Project, because it was recommended to us by our regional Ambulance Service. It is currently the best piece of equipment for use by untrained members of the public by virtue of it’s simple, easy to follow audio instructions and proven reliability. We are also confident that the AED will give us years of trouble free service without the need for costly, or time consuming, maintenance

  • Public Access & Community

    Kelly Bishop, Landlady Horse & Groom Pub

    Five years ago, my 13-year-old cousin, James Haggerty who lived in Beckton-on-Sea, Suffolk, suffered a cardiac arrest and sadly died.
    If there had been a defibrillator there, it would have greatly increased the chances of him surviving.

  • Public Access & Community

    Dr. Katie Barber, GP East Hanney

    Even if it were not used for 15 years, it would still be wortwhile if it were to save someone’s life. Having access to a defibrillator can be the difference between life and death… It just takes the pressure off the ambulance service. It gives the elderly population in the village comfort knowing they can get help before the ambulance service arrive.

  • Public Access & Community

    Cllr Mark Booty, Cabinet Minister for Health

    These kits can mean the difference between life and death and are of vital importance, particularly in rural areas like ours that can be affected by ambulance and emergency response times.

  • Public Access & Community

    Anna Bard, The Fostercare Co-Operative

    We are delighted to have a defibrillator installed and look forward to the training session for our staff later this month. It will be very reassuring to know this equipment is available both for ourselves and for local businesses.

  • Public Access & Community

    Dick Tracey, Divisional Responder Manager, SCAS

    There is no question – it will save additional lives. Sudden cardiac arrest is the UK’s single biggest killer and when somebody goes into this horrendous medical condition the chances of successful resuscitation reduces by 10 per cent per minute. CPR can buy time but the definitive treatment for this is a shock from a defibrillator.