Lifesaving equipment for Lifesaving hands

Emergency Services treat 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests in the UK every year [8]..

Opimal use of the Chain of Survival makes the difference between life & death [9].

iPAD defibrillators are a crucial link in the chain of survival. They use the latest technology to improve speed and responsiveness when in use. This minimises the time off the chest and makes every second count.


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  • Emergency Services

    Regional AGM for Community Partnership

    The East of England Ambulance Service has chosen the IPAD SP1 as one of the AEDs to be used by the Community First Responders across the region. The IPAD SP1 is easy to use and provides the user with the support to provide care to the patients.

  • Emergency Services

    Diss CFR’s

    The new orange clad AED’s are lighter than the ones we used before. The pad adaptors stop pad changes when back up arrives. A very sensible solution. Big Thanks!

  • Emergency Services

    AED lead, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service

    Every front line vehicle across our county is equipped with an iPAD SP1 AED. Fully compatible with Ambulance Service equipment it is truly fit for purpose. It is easy to use and represents high value for money.

  • Emergency Services

    Doncaster Market Business Manager

    With the market being a busy area of the town and not having a facility like this, we welcome it. There’s nothing like this down this end of the town. We’re more than happy to accommodate it and hope no-one should need it.

  • Emergency Services

    North Hereford Commander, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue

    This shows the benefit of partnership working, as the village of Kingsland and surrounding area now has this vital piece of life saving equipment, which can be used by any member of the public and is available 24 hours a day.

  • Emergency Services

    Waveny Valley CFR

    I was extremely lucky. My wife and son started CPR on me before Steve and Graham got there with the defibrillator. If any one of those elements had not been available I would not be here. They give up their own free time. I just felt I wanted to thank them in some way.

  • Emergency Services

    Bishop’s Storford CFR

    Survival from a cardiac arrest decreases by 10 per cent with every minute’s delay in defibrillation, so Community First Responders, with an iPAD AED, can save a life.

  • Emergency Services

    Medical Officer, Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue.

    The iPAD is a well considered and thought out AED that offers ease of use which is important to us as most members have not seen an AED prior to joining the team let alone understand how to use them. The ability to easily switch between adult and paediatric modes without needing different pads was a real winner for me as it will significantly reduce our costs and keeps things simple for the operator.

  • Emergency Services

    East Midlands NHS Ambulance Service

    These machines are a real asset to the community. Evidence clearly illustrates the importance of access to defibrillators and this is truly fit for purpose.