Here's why data is important & how we can help

Should an iPAD defibrillator be used on someone who is suspected to have had a cardiac arrest, it will record and store in real time the electrical activity of the heart and the critical events associated to the rescue. When required, obtaining this data for review is simple via an SD card and using CU Expert Software (provided free of charge).

If you are worried about either installing, or using the software, we can offer you a free, confidential data conversion service and will send you, or a nominated person, the PDF report. If this service be of interest, please feel free to contact the iPAD technical support team 03333 444789.


Watch this simple video on how to download the data from an iPAD SP1 AED

The Importance of Downloading Data

  • The data can be useful to help improve the ongoing care of a patient & may provide crucial information to the Cardiology team

  • Anonymous data can be supplied to the British Heart Foundation to help the research in to the prevention of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

  • Should it be required, the information in the report can be a crucial part of the debriefing process

  • The data can help the research & development of the efficacy of defibrillator technology

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SD Card Compatibility

It is a Manufacturers recommendation to use the Transcend SD card to perform data downloads. This card has been FAT formatted and known to be 100% compatible. Should you wish to purchase this please contact us. If you wish to source an alternative, ensure that the SD card of choice is FAT formatted.