Register to increase your iPAD SP1 warranty to 10 years*

Note: This form is currently compatiable with Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer.

The advantages of registering your product online:

  • All the benefits of your 7 year warranty extended to 10 years at no extra cost

  • Technical support & future upgrades directly from the Manufacturer

  • After registration, you will have exclusive access to online resources available on this website such as CU Expert Software, CU Expert tutorial package & training resources. These resources are continually being developed.

  • We will carry out the process to register your device with the local Ambulance Service. After registration with them they may be able to offer you even further support & training.

  • The exact location is known by the local Ambulance Service, so that in the event of a caridac arrest, when a 999 call is made, the call operator will be able to direct someone to where the iPAD AED is located (or nearest public access location). They will also know the model of your device offering even further guidance, support & reassurance until medical help arrives


*This is only applicable to applicants who have purchased in the UK and EIRE.