The iPAD SP2 defibrillator is designed for appropriately trained Medical Professionals who need greater functionality & clinical information than an entry level AED can provide. Retaining the user friendliness of it’s little brother (the SP1), the iPAD SP2 is ideal for situations where space and time are limited, but the demand for functionality is not.



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  • Full colour screen with 3 modes

    Soft key selection of AED, Monitor or Manual mode. Allows a trained rescuer to make a clinical decision based on interpretation of a basic II lead ECG via the electrode pads, or 3 lead ECG provided via the Bluetooth ECG module.

  • Modular system with optional bolt-ons

    The level functionality required can be specified. Manual mode, Bluetooth monitoring & printing are bolt-on options that can be supplied for appropriate end users.

  • Bluetooth monitoring & printing

    A 3 lead ECG & full or partial print out can be obtained on scene.

  • Manual override

    Trained Medical Professionals can use the on screen ECG to determine if a shock should be delivered and to select the appropriate energy level from 150J down to 2J.

  • Multiple event recording & simple data download

    Allows crucial handover information to be simply available, improving ongoing patient care.

  • On screen printable data review & ECG playback

    Important clinical information instantly available for review & handover with a printing option.

  • Plug-in pad adapters to stop pad changes when backup arrives

    Pad compatibility with front line vehicles of Ambulance Services, streamlining the handover to of a patient to advanced care.

  • Synchronised cardioversion

    For advanced medical practitioners, synchronised cardioversion can be performed with the SP2, a unique function for this level of defibrillator monitor.

  • Dual adult/child smart electrode pads

    No need to change to paediatric pads should the need arise.

  • Durable, compact & lightweight

    Easily stored, transported & carried to where it is needed most.


iPAD SP1/SP2 Dual Adult/Child Electrode Pads

iPAD SP1/SP2 LiMnO2 Battery Pack (Disposable)

iPAD SP2 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (Rechargable)

Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth ECG Monitor (EM1)

iPAD Electrode Adapters

AED Wall Sign

2GB SD Card (with software)

Standard iPAD SP2 Package

The iPAD SP2 is a modular system which enables a clinician to select the level of functionality required. Manual override is not a standard feature, but can be incorporated in to the packages outlined below. For advice or assistance pleaseCONTACT US.  

A standard package includes:


    • iPAD SP2 Device with 5 year warranty

    • ECG screen but no manual override*

    • One set of Adult/Child Electrode Smart Pads capable of providing a II lead ECG

    • Disposable LiMnO2 Battery Pack with 5 year Warranty

*Manual override is an option


Additional options are available to augment the above package to suit your needs. Below is a list of additional bolt-ons available for the iPAD SP2. CONTACT US to discuss your requirements. We are here to help.

# Manual Override Disposable Battery Recharge Kit* Bluetooth ECG Monitor Bluetooth Printer Carry Case
Standard Manual
Recharge Standard
Recharge Manual
Ultimate **

*The Recharge Kit consists of a rechargeable battery, charging dock and power supply.
**The Ultimate Package consists of two rechargeable batteries.

The bluetooth ECG Module and Printer are available as bolt-ons to any package, but there will be an additional charge.

The iPAD SP2 is for trained healthcare professionals who require greater clinical information and functionality than just an AED. As well as greater functionality, it can also immediately provide an on-scene full or partial print out via a Bluetooth Printer, something which is unique for an AED of this category. It is small, robust and lightweight making it ideal for situations where space and time are limited, but the demand for a device that can offer much more than an AED is not.

A full colour screen allows a rescuer to use a soft key to select the functionality they require: AED, Monitor or Manual. This gives greater control to an appropriately trained rescuer to make a clinical decision based on their interpretation of either a basic II lead ECG via the electrode pads, or 3 lead ECG provided via the Bluetooth ECG module.

Suitable for trained medical professionals only.