In response to market feedback, the iPAD plug-in adapters are unique & important option. They ensure that the electrode pads used on defibrillators manufactured by Phillips, Physio Control and Zoll, carried on front line Ambulance Vehicles across the UK, can safely be used on iPAD defibrillators.



Pad adapters
  • Save pad changes when backup arrives

    Rather than have to remove the electrode pads used on a patient & re-apply different pads, simply unplug the pads from the adapter & plug them straight in to the defibrillator monitor carried on the attending front line Ambulance vehicle.

  • Improve patient care

    Speeds up a smooth patient transfer as well as reduce any trauma that may be associated with changing pads.

  • Cost savings

    You are only using one set of pads, they do not need to be changed. Since the Ambulance will be utilising your pads with the patient, they may consider offering a replacement set.


If the adapter and compatible pads are used, the iPAD pad life indicator will not display a valid status